No भय of corona

Creating A Sanitisation Band To Fight Away The Germs

Saanvi Vaish, AIS Pushp Vihar, XII C

COVID-19 is perhaps the greatest supervillain humanity has ever seen. As the virus set out on a rampage to destroy the world, there are superheroes who are putting their best foot forward to save the world. But while these superheroes fight the pandemic, they need all the help they can get, and to aid their burden, Shivam Mukherjee, a student of class IX D at Amity International School, Pushp Vihar, has invented a sanitisation band titled ABHAY.

“This pandemic has brought our world to a standstill and we don’t know when this will end, which is why it was important for me to do my part in helping the world,” says Shivam when asked about the motivation behind ABHAY.

“One day as I was watching the news, I saw the doctors wearing hazmat suits. It made me wonder how tough the situation must be for them. I wanted to do something to help them,” shares the young changemaker.

This desire to help the medics is what lead to the birth of ABHAY. A Hindi word, translating to ‘no fear’, the band aims at supporting the medics to battle the disease without fear of contracting the same.

It is a simple band that can be worn around the wrist. Equipped with an inbuilt proximity sensor and UV light, it can sense when the wearer’s hand is near an object and automatically disinfect the object for you via UV light and alcoholic spray. Extremely wearable, the band is computer-controlled and can be operated via an app. Further more, it is refillable — when the alcoholic spray is nearly empty, a reminder is sent your mobile for a refill.”

But every invention goes through its fair share of roadblocks, and so did this sanitization band. “Due to the lockdown, it was very difficult for me to transform the idea an actual product. Initially, acquiring the parts needed to make the band was a struggle but my school delivered all those to me at my doorstep from the school’s ATL lab,” he recalls, when asked about the challenges he face. “I can’t thank our school Chairperson, principal and my family enough for all the support they had to offer,” he adds.

While the band seems promising, its true potential can be realised only once it hits the market. But there seems to be a little time before that happens. “I’m currently in the testing stages, but I am sure the band will pass with flying colours. After the relaxation of the lockdown starting April 20th, I am planning to approach the officials and hopefully make ABHAY reach the ones in need.”

In a world guided by fear, there are warriors like Shivam, who are not only the future leaders of tomorrow, but are also the shining hope of today. Here’s to ABHAY scaring away all our fears!

Saanvi Vaish is pursuing her senior school at Amity International School, Pushp Vihar, a prestigious school in the heart of New Delhi, India. She is currently the Editor in Chief of her school newspaper The Global Times and holds prowess in writing on social issues.

Saanvi Vaish

The World Teenage Reporting Project >COVID 19 is a global collaboration of teenage reporters in newsrooms around the world who produce stories about what their peers are doing to help during the Coronavirus pandemic.



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